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Consulting clients on tax law and income statement documentation and managing electronic tax records.


We Can Do it All

Everyone’s circumstances are different. No two tax situations are the same. We can cover all your needs and understand each filing is unique. We have you covered.

Business Taxes

Running a business is hard enough without adding the complexity of filing taxes each year. The key is to work with your accountant throughout the year.

Personal Taxes

There are many tax credits available, and it is essential to claim all the benefits you are entitled to. Credits are usually better than deductions because they can reduce the tax you owe.

Filing single

If you are a single parent or you take care of a dependent or relative you should explore if you qualify for the filing status by using the head of household or HOHucator tax tool; it could reduce your taxes.

Married filing jointly

In rare instances filing separately will save a married couple money. If one spouse has high medical expenses they would like to itemize, the combined income might make itemization difficult. 


If you incorrectly claimed certain expenses to itemize your deductions or you accidentally included or left out a dependent, you should file an amended return to correct the errors. This could prevent problems later, like notices or an IRS audit.


Try Our Trademarked Process

Research & Analysis

Collect all your tax forms such as your W2 or 1099 along with any receipts for write-offs. 

Roadmap planning

Set up an appointment with us at a time that is convenient for you so there is no pressure.

Execute & Monitor

We will be read and have a plan mapped out to quickly take care of your needs.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

● Pay off credit card debt.
● Add to your emergency fund.
● Add it to your retirement.
● Start your own business.
● Fund a college education.
● Add it to your HSA.
● Invest in your home.
● Invest in your family.